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We will send you individually prepared offer within 24 hours

Example of a mortgage

Amount of the loan: 2 millions CZK
Lenght: 30 years
Fixed: 5 years
Interest rate: 1,69 %
Payment: 7 086 CZK
Fees: 0 CZK

Processed out within 2 weeks



  • Interest rates negotiated by are lower than those accessible for individual applicants. We can provide that thanks to the high volumes of loans that we negotiate and personal contacts.
  • Our priority is to find the best solution for your financing - for example we can combine mortgage and building saving (stavební spoření) so that we can avoid 100% mortgage loans that are often expensive.
  • The individually prepared loan offer by is not binding.
  • We don't build castles in the air. We work with real and constantly updated data from the banks. Our offered rate is always approved by the bank in advance. Also condition of our proposed rate is not an obligation for you to sign a life insurance contract or activation of a credit card.
  • We focus maximally on telephone and e-mail communication so that we save your time during personal meetings where we deal only with necessary consultancies or administrative tasks.
  • Our loan offers are prepared by qualified professionals. is not just some internet mortgage calculator that compares basic interest rates. We provide lower negotiated rates.
  • We are in the mortgage and loan providing business for more than 8 years. So we have a wide experience in this area.
  • We have personal contacts in banks. Thanks to that we can offer an individual approach to every application.