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We will send you individually prepared offer within 24 hours

Example of a mortgage

Amount of the loan: 2 millions CZK
Lenght: 30 years
Fixed: 5 years
Interest rate: 1,69 %
Payment: 7 086 CZK
Fees: 0 CZK

Processed out within 2 weeks


About Us

Website is a project of company eClients s.r.o. which is a group of mortgage specialists who are engaged in the loan brokerage for more than 10 years. The target of project is to provide people individually negotiated interest rates that individuals can't achieve by themselves.




We provide our services almost all around the Czech Republic - please check the map - orange marked areas. We work hard so that we are able to respond to your inquiries from other regions (for example Ústecký kraj, Olomoucký kraj, etc.). Unfortunately we are not able to arrange personal meeting in the black marked areas but we would be happy to help you anyway. We would like to ask you to set up the personal meetings at some of the covered (yellow marked) places.