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We will send you individually prepared offer within 24 hours

Example of a mortgage

Amount of the loan: 2 millions CZK
Lenght: 30 years
Fixed: 5 years
Interest rate: 1,69 %
Payment: 7 086 CZK
Fees: 0 CZK

Processed out within 2 weeks


How it works

Insert your inquiry

  • fill in the inquiry form

You will
receive offers

  • Individually negotiated interest rate
  • discount on property insurance

You will choose an offer

  • from all the offers that we will send you. You will choose the one that suits you the best

You will get the mortgage

  • you will have a meeting with our counselor and solve the details personally

Our clients

Consultant was very nice and helpful. Even Though it took almost 2 months to make all the arrangements connected to the mortgage, her attitude was very pleasant and she also helped me when I was dealing with the Czech land registry office. I can definitely recommend their services to anyone and I would like to thank them for the individual approach.

Panikos Theodorou


I had difficulties when I was communicating with a bank. Unfortunately mine banker's English was quite bad and they weren't able to assign me any better one. A friend of mine recommended me this site and I was able to get a good mortgage and deal with all the necessities without any problems.

Al Williams


I was able to get a great mortgage (rate 1,69%) thanks to the effort of I haven't received any other such a good proposal anywhere else. The communication was smooth and without any troubles. It is obvious that the consultants of know what they are doing.

Michael Hulin


Exceptionally professional attitude! The mortgage processing was quick and without any problems. I received an estimation and the mortgage without any fee. I would like to thank to the team of for helping me with the loan and I can honestly recommend them.

Jeremy Fane

Jindřichův Hradec

How we process the mortgage applications

Our counselor will contact you shortly after you will fill in the mortgage inquiry application form. The purpose of the call is to have all correct information.
We will send you an offer via e-mail within 24 hours.

- If you will be satisfied with the offer, a meeting with our counselor will be set up.
- You will fill in a loan application together and the counselor will send it afterwards to bank for checking (so called scoring).

Scoring = a process of evaluation of your solvency (checking of loan register). The result of checking is an approval or rejection of the loan.
The process of scoring takes about 2 days. You will know the result approximately within this period of time.

If the result of scoring is positive, the counselor will set up an estimation of property and also a meeting with you so that the rest of necessary documentation can be provided to the bank.

Once that the loan is approved by bank, the institution will provide a loan documentation that will be handed over to the counselor. You will be afterwards asked to sign it.
The counselor will set up a personal meeting with you so that all details of the loan contract can be explained and discussed. Your eventual questions will be answered.
Whole loan file (contract + attachments) will be submitted to the bank by the counselor so that the institution can process the loan.

Timeline showing the mortgage processing

1 day

Offer of the loan

2 day


5 days

Processing of an estimation of the property + delivery of other necessary documents for the loan approving process

3-5 days

Process of loan approval, printing out of the loan documentation

3 days

Signing of the loan documentation, fulfillment of conditions of the loan taking

3 days

Sending of the loan file to the bank, loan taking